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High-end sedans and vans that meet all your needs

Latest acquisitions of new vehicles

Our fleet consists of business and luxury-class Mercedes sedans and vans. Thanks to our partners, we can offer you a more comprehensive fleet of vehicles, including 100% electric or hybrid options. This allows us to meet the demands of even the largest fleet requirements. We provide a wide range of new vehicles and those under 6 years old, fully equipped and maintained by the manufacturer.


Our spacious van

​​Our high-end vans stand out for their combination of luxury, comfort, and functionality. They are extra-long, allowing for the transportation of numerous bulky items, including wheelchairs for individuals with reduced mobility, while maintaining a very comfortable rear space.

You will travel in complete serenity in a luxurious atmosphere.


Our luxurious sedans

​​Our business sedans, also known as luxury or executive sedans, are vehicles designed to meet the needs of professionals, senior executives, and public figures.​​ ​

Elegance and discretion, refined interiors, space, and comfort are the primary features of our vehicles.​​

​​Whether on a business trip or for private travel, you will enjoy all the expected comfort.

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