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Coordination of travel arrangements

​​The organizers can work closely with our services to plan schedules, routes, and specific transportation needs. Throughout the event, a coordinator is dedicated to you. They are constantly in touch with you to monitor the smooth progress of all movements. They can intervene quickly, especially in the case of last-minute changes.

Meet-and-greet at train stations and airportS

​​Personalized and discreet welcomes at airports and train stations: We greet artists with a personalized service, with a sign in the lobby or directly on the tarmac, at the foot of the plane, in coordination with police services.

Transfers between event venues

Our drivers ensure transportation between different event locations, such as hotels, rehearsal venues, art galleries, or performance sites. We are well acquainted with the access points and security protocols of the performance venues in Nantes and its region.

Shuttle service for guests

Our drivers are at your guests' disposal throughout the day, accompanying them to their appointments and waiting for them during their moments of rest. We stay in contact with the stage manager to ensure the day's schedule.

A diverse fleet of vehicles

We offer a diverse fleet of vehicles, catering to the specific needs of the event, whether for a single guest, a small group, or a large team. Our extra-long vans can transport backline equipment in addition to personal belongings.

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